Move Your Blog from wordpress to blogger with full posts and comments backup

 Hey all,

today we got simple tut , How to move ur site from wordpress to blogger within minutes
1st of all login to your wordpress account and from the dashboard select
tools > export

download the xml file

2nd we need to convert the back up from wordpress format to blogger format
download this script
in your pc or in your linux box
extract the file
now go to
cd google-blog-converters-1.0-r64/bin
assume that you downloaded the wordpress backup on /home directory and it's named wp.xml
execute the follwoing command
./ /home/wp.xml | tee blogger.xml
3rd , it's done u can now import the file in your blogger account and u will find all posts , comments and even the drafts in your new blog
4th , if you want your old wordpress theme , search for the theme name here
or just google it
i was using inove , so google > inove theme for blogger.
5th , upload your theme and enjoy ur old theme
6th , u can register your domain for free

Now u can Enjoy Your Amazing Blog , far from the stupidity of wordpress staff.
Have fun :p


Tr0y-x said...

Nice Bro.
Keep Up
Don't Care About Lammerz xD

Lagripe-Dz said...

Nice tut 10'x ;)

Anonymous said...

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