Information Gathering | ByPass Proxies Part 1

Hello - Selam AlykoM

Author : Zaid | 1337r1z - sEc4eV3r

Last 3 Day'z Ago I Found Something When I'm Trying To Get Real IP 2 P0c's And Arab4services's Domain'z xD

You'll Have This With First Screen On Command Executor When Do You Type " Ping [Domain]"  And Here I Typed " PING "

Now Here We've That Messege From Server  , Now You've To Check Message's Information

Now You'll See The Header Information And The Real IP Address Clearly :D

Okay Now What Do I mean ?!

I mean That You Can ByPass Proxies Via Email Service In Server

The Issue'll Be Very Easy  When Do You Use Ping On Email Service  So My Dear Reader , Type This In Your Command Executor :$

"PING Mail.Domain"

I Typed "PING Mail.P0c.CC" ... Now We've Finished Our Work'z

Founded By Syiran-r1z | b0x

Zaid | ./b0x


Faris said...

Yub , that's it :)
centrlogic as usual , he he :p
good work zaid

Kious Xavi said...


ANONYMOS said...

Just...Brilliant !

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