[EN] eLiTe's bOts aRmY , fUllY rElOadEd aNd rEaDy 2 sTriK3 ;)

Hey all

How do u do ??

fine i hope :)

last Saturday i have seen these bastard's group chat messages and guss what , one of these bitches have insulted me , He say that i got lonly data center from which i DDos . . . WTF !!!!

u didn't get the point man :)

i just ddos from this one cuz it was the main source of the problem , imagine that u got an weapon and ur enemy say that u really don't have this weapon , what will u do??

sure u will kick his ass with this weapon to prove that u got it , right??

that's exactly what am doin here , kicking the lamer's assess with the same data center that they say i relly haven't accessed to it , kinda of degradation or humbleness ;)

any way if u need to talk about data centers , watch this pic and count them

just a little samples bitch


expect me as visitor soon ;)

now let's get back to our main topic

people say that we ddos the duck team cuz We hate em all . . . :(

But the reality is that  we love u , so we DDos u to improve ur servers =))

Oh , i forgot to mention all Pre ddos attacks were via fuckin poor perl scripts.

we still have many techniques which we really need to test

for examples , an C++ Layer 7 Attacker script , stealth booter > Guss u don't know about it big assess But the stealth booter got about 200 shells in SA it self  , and Guss what , We Reloaded our bots network specially for u to help u to improve ur fire walls , did u beleave that we love u now ?? =))

But don't get panic , U will B attack via this army if i really get bored of u , so keep the game going up and u r safe :))

some pics for the damn things am talking about

Hmmmm , looks amazing , Ha!!

am pretty sure that this is the best damn thing that ur eyes have ever seen , it's continue to increase rapidly dude so u's better get the strike today rather than tmw.

This is not kind of show of force , cuz am already in a position of strength while u become week day after another  :)

and finally i just wanna tell u a little info , if some one sent me ur root's pwd , i will not upload my index.

and in the other side i may give u an server root pass as challenge , and trust me u will B unable even from getting the uname -a ;)

i will not do so till i get ur fuckin domain in my own account , so don't worry bitches , the eLiTes will not strike u hard for a week or two weeks maybe , so u can quietly sleep now . . ;)

But keep in ur mind that wE gOT oUr lAUncH b0X aNd wE aRmeD rEaL wElL



VM HaCkEr said...

it's war on lamerz :D

h311 c0d3 said...

:D لأأ منحرف يازميلي :] واحب اقولك اني قريت كل حاجه ،، كل حااااااااجه

لكن اني افهم حاجه واحده بس !؟

طبعاً فهمت كل حاجه بهزر :] بتصدقو بسرررررعه :D

MoSHaX said...

ناااااااااايس ياكبير
كده النت بقي احلي ههههههههههههه
علي رئيك خلي النت ليه طعم

RiSkY said...

This is the real shit bro! keep it homie..

SAUDI MAN said...

hi guys, I am saudi man..
please do not speak about all the saudis as bad men, we are not like those fuckers
I hate all the admins from p0c team..
Do not make a racism..
Faris, continue to clean the internet from these lamerz.. and please clean your blog from racism posts..

orangman said...

صراحه ابداعععععععععععععععععع

Faris said...

I haven't said that all Saudis are bad , but watch the comments , these bastards insulted Palestinian , Egyptians , iraqian and so on

check the Email :) said...

wut should i say ? ^^
Just K33p it up ? .
Great .....
Egyptian l0v3r :)

orangman said...

hello Saudi Man i am s4udi ... and i have this blog with Faris and b0x
he not all Saudis Hacker is bad just Lammerz ... my English is bad
just for Lammer LooL can't read English

orangman said...

sorry he Not sey All Saudis is Lammer

........ said...

مشكلتك مريض نفسي وتحب التفاخر

لو بحلف ان الي ردو هنا كلهم انت تطرهمن بالمسن عشان يردون

المهم ماعلينا اذا بتتفاخر تفاخر بالغرب مو تفضحنا هنا

ثاني شي أرجع لتاريخك يافراس وتعرف زين وش صار فيك قبل مع ابو ليان

سلام ياقشطة :)

1r4Qi 1337 said...

OH! god

U Own the Netw0rk xD

i love the Botnet but not these i'm iRC botnet big FAN. :)

with these bot'z we can Str1ke OBAMA


Faris said...

اول حاجه انا مش بستخدم مسن يا برنس ;)
وبالنسبة للتفاخر فأنا مش من هواة التفاخر
لكن زى متقول كده
بحب الاستفزاز اوى
بالنسبة للمرض النفسى بقى
فلو بتعتبر الكرامه والرجوله مرض نفسى
فدى مشكلتك الشخصيه بقى
وافهم حاجه بس
انا فارس
مش فراس
عارف الفرق؟؟
بعدين حتى فراس اللى تتكلم عنه سحب منكو دومين وعلم عليكو
step by step
روح يعم الله يهديك
سلام يا قشطتين :)

X-SHADOW said...

Man ..

I miss P0C S3rv3r .. :(

orangman said...

يالله .. برضو اسماء مشفره
لاكن هل المره بقول .. لو انك حرمه علمنا اسمك

تدري ليش ماقلت لو انك رجال .. لان خساره فيك كلمة رجال

hidden man said...

thanks it's good thing you do it and i'll help you in hidden mode (:

abdulaziz said...

Faris <<< قشطه ودمك زي العسل

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