Bypass account lockout in MSN

So you're frozen by some skidnut I'm guessing?, big deal... I'll teach you how to protect yourself and login while being frozen.

1. To login while you're frozen visit this link:

2. Fill in your secret answer and change your password, if you want just change it to what it was before, this can also be used if the secret question password reset doesn't display on the modern reset page.

3. After you do all that you have a time of 10 seconds to login.


A tip would to be save your instant messaging contacts every day so if all else fails you can simply go onto another account and import them, to STOP people freezing you can visit this link:

and fill in the support relevant, they'll unlock your account and ban the IP's freezing your account.



Or4nG.M4n said...

thks bro ..

تعرف احسن حاجه انك كاتبه انجليزي

عشان بعض العينات تتحرق


Faris said...

مش فى الدماغ ياض
خليها تاكلهم
بس ننزله عربى عشان الناس المحترمه برضه

Thehackernews said...


عقبال صفحه للفيس بوك

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